''Earth Hit''\nYou kneel on the floor and tap the hilt of your sword onto the floor, and then point the blade at the beastly man you are fighting. A fist shoots up from the ground, colliding with the man's gut. He crumples to the ground before fading away. <<set $EXP + 500>>\n<<if $EXP gte 900>> Your watch beeps: CONGRATUALTIONS! YOU HAVE REACHED LEVEL 3!! <<endif>>\nYou proudly walk into the Director's Office.\n''GOOD JOB! YOU HAVE WON! CONGRATULATIONS!''
you aren't able to keep up with his attacks and die\n''GAME OVER''
<<silently>>\n<<set $EXP = 0>>\n<<set $level = 1>>\n<<endsilently>>\nPLAYER #02: KIEGAN\nAGE: 17\nWEAPON: BROADSWORD\nMISSION: GET TO DIRECTOR'S OFFICE TO ADVANCE\n[[PROCEED?|scene1]]
You open the door, revealing a small room with only a table, four chairs, and a closet. There are tea and cakes set out on the table. They look [[tasty|scene3a]]. You hear a thump from [[the closet|scene3b]].
You ignore the red door and run to the source of the scream. When you turn the corner, a large, bear-like monster stands in your way. Do you [[fight it|scene2ba]], or do you [[run|scene2bb]]?
You look around. Everything seems pretty normal. The towels smell nice. Before you leave, on a last-minute thought you check the other lockers. The first one you open reveals a piece of paper covered in nice handwriting, which reads:\n"Dear diary\nRed is a good color.\nI really want some cherries.\nHe keeps yelled at me when I threw out a peach yesterday.\nIt tasted bad.\nWhat even //is// a peach?\n-Hannah\nP.S. Frogs are gross."\n\nYou could [[open the second locker|scene6a]], but a strange smell is coming from it. You could also [[leave|scene8]].
You walk around for a little while, and you begin to hear some clamor from down the hall. You go towards the noises and find two other players fighting a mythical-looking beast that shimmers in a blue light. It looks strong. Do you [[help them|act6a]] or do you [[run|act6b]]
You ignore the cakes and walk over to the closet. You open it, revealing... Narnia!\nJust kidding. It does reveal a stairwell, which is pretty darn cool. It only goes down, and it's a bit cramped-looking, but seems pretty safe. You could [[go down|scene4]], but those cakes back there looked pretty good. It wouldn't hurt just to [[try one|scene3a]] before you continued...
You exit the laundry room, and just down the hall, you see it. The Director's Office. There's a sign above it that says so, and it's pretty obvious, too. In contratst to the the hospital-white floors and doors, this door is made of a dark, rich wood. Very regal.\nOf coruse, it can't just be that easy. A burly man at least eight feet tall stands blocking the door, weilding a large, rusty axe. You approach him slowly, but when you're within four meters, he yowls and begins swinging at you.\n<<if $level lte 1>> Well, you might as well [[fight|scene9a]], right?<<endif>> \n<<if $level gte 2>> You feel powerful, for some reason. You might be able to [[take him down!|scene9b]] <<endif>>
You take a bite out of one of the small cakes set out on the table. Surely no one will notice one cake missing.\nAt first the cake tastes really good. You eat it quickly at are about to reach for a second when the aftertaste kicks in, which tastes terrible. You feel like you're going to vomit, and red spots cover your vision. But you're not even allergic to anything! You realize too late that it's poison. Your vision fades out, along with your body, leaving only your I.D. card and weapon behind as a future warning.\n''GAME OVER''
You walk down the cramped staircase until you reach another door. You seem to be in a laundry room. The dryer and washing machine are even on, and there's a huge pile of white towels in one of those huge bucket-trolley-things. The door you left from is encased in a tall locker. It probably used to belong to an employee.\nIt's a pretty big room. You could [[look around|scene5a]], or just [[leave|scene5b]].
The frog goes down with one hit, and all the others do is ribbit in distress. It's an easy kill. <<set $EXP + 500>>\nA noise beeps from your watch. CONGRATULATIONS! LEVEL 2! it reads. Cool. <<set $level = 2>>\nWell, you have looked everywhere in the room. You might as well [[leave|scene8]]
"Greetings, contestant Kiegan! To advance to the next level, please arrive at the Director's Office before the end of the time limit. Good luck ♥" The introduciton message is the same as always. You nod, smile, and walk off the elevator.\nThe new arena looks like an abandoned hotel. Which would be cool, except for the paintings of dolls that cover the walls. Thsoe are really creepy.\nYou walk through the hallway, which is dotted with uniform, locked doors, until you reach one painted bright red. Something about it draws you in. You are about to [[open it|scene2a]] when you hear a [[scream|scene2b]] from around the corner.
You turn around and run. You see a turn in the hallway. You take it, but there she/it is, staring at you with soulless eyes. One of her fingers twitch, just slightly. You look down and see that you have been stabbed with dozens of needles. Your vision fades away, along with your body, leaving only your I.D. card and your weapon.\n''GAME OVER''
You raise your sword and run in for an attack, but she easily doges your swing. She appears behind you and you feel several sharp pains in your back. You've been stabbed with... needles? Your vision fades out, along with your body. All that is left is your I.D. Card and your weapon, just like the girl before you.\n''GAME OVER''
Practice Game Y
You slide your sword out of its sheath and easily defeat the monster. <<set $EXP + 50>>\nYou now turn around the corner. There stands a beautiful woman, with long, flowing hair and amazing curves. But behind her you see a player information card and someone's weapon, a pair of gardening shears: the signs of an eliminated contestant. Is the woman a monster? Do you [[fight|scene2baa]], or do you [[run|scene2bab]]?
You run away from the monster, but it angers and begins to chase you. By chance, you find an open green door and jump inside the room. You lock the door behind yourself and look around the surrondings.\nThe room is on fire. It looks like it started in the kitchen, but there's no way to tell, it's too big. You shake the doorknob to leave: it won't unlock. Your lungs fill with smoke and you die, leaving behind only your I.D. card and your weapon.\n''GAME OVER''
You try to swing at him, but he's simply too massive. With one meaty hand he easily knocks you to the ground. And before you can even attempt to defend youself, he chops off your head with that ugly old axe of his. \nSorry, but ''GAME OVER''
He's big, but you can defeat him. Quickly, you dodge his first strike and are able to land a light hit on his shoulder. He howls in pain and becomes more agitated. You barely dodge his second strike, which cuts through the shoulder of your sweater. If he had actually cut you, you might have lost your whole arm. You need to end this soon, and you know just how to.\n[[Use level 2 attack: earth hit|scene10a]]\n[[Just keep fighting|scene10b]]
You swing at the green frog, but it's tougne leaps out and strangles you. What a gross way to die.\n''GAME OVER''
You run back to where you came, when you hear massive footsteps behind you. It looks like some kind of beast-man. He's massive, at least eight feeet tall. And his massive axe smashes right into your skull.\n''GAME OVER''
"You guys need my help?" You ask to the two other contestants. You immediately recognize their faces.\n"Hey," A says with a smile.\n"I'm so glad you're here!" Gabe expresses happily. With three of you the radiant monster is no match. You defeat it easily. <<set $EXP + 900>> <<if $EXP gte 500>> Your watch beeps, and then reads: "CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE REACHED LEVEl 2!" <<endif>>\nYou couldn't have met up with better people. The short blonde girl leads the way while Gabe explains what he has done so far. He's already reached level four.\n"We've only got ten minutes until the time limit ends, but I think we're close," he says, smiling.\n"Yo, guys!" A calls from ahead. In front of here, at the end of the hallway are two doors. One with 3^3 painted on it in bold letters, the other 2^4. Above them reads, "which is greater?"\n[[3^3|act7a]]\n[[2^4|act7b]]
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You point to the 3^3 door and you all walk in. It's completely dark until A find a light switch, which reveals a cozy hallway with a rasberry carpet. At the end of the hallway is the Director's Office.\n"That was easy." A whispers before breaking into a run. You and Gabe follow after her quickly.\n''CONGRATIONS, YOU WON!! GOOD JOB!!''
All of you enter the door with 2^4 painted on it. The door shuts behind you loudly and A begins padding the narrow walls for a light switch. Gabe is counting on his fingers. The room smells funny.\nGabe coughs, and then says "Um, Kiegan... isn't 2^4 sixteen? 3^3 is twenty seven. That was the right answer." The two of you exchange horrified looks. A begins to shout something, and then bursts into a coughing fit. You and Gabe quickly end up doing the same as you all suffocate in the locked room.\n''GAME OVER. LEARN YOUR MATH''
The second locker takes some wiggling to open. When it finally opens, five frogs, colored red, yellow, green, blue, and purple jump out and start burping colored clouds of poisonous smoke. Definately enemmies. That must have been what Hannah (whoever she is) meant. Which one do you attack first?\n[[red|scene7a]], [[yellow|scene7a]], [[green|fight1b]], [[blue|scene7a]], or [[purple|scene7a]]