your fur is <<cyclinglink "brown" "black" "white" "grey" "dark green""dappled" "striped">>\n\n<<set $size = "big">>\n<<display 'meep'>>
<<if $food eq "insects">> <<display 'inedible'>> <<endif>><<else>>\n<<if $food eq "salmon">> <<display 'inedible'>> <<endif>><<else>>\n<<if $food eq "small furry creatures">> <<display 'inedible'>> <<endif>><<else>>\n<<if $food eq "honey">> <<display 'edible'>> <<endif>><<else>>\n<<if $food eq "blackberries">> <<display 'edible'>> <<endif>><<else>>\n<<if $food eq "crabapples">> <<display 'edible'>> <<endif>><<else>>\n<<if $food eq "acorns">> <<display 'edible'>> <<endif>><<else>>\n<<if $food eq "pinecones">> <<display 'edible'>> <<endif>><<else>>\n<<if $food eq "roots">> <<display 'edible'>> <<endif>><<else>>\n<<if $food eq "berries">> <<display 'edible'>> <<endif>><<endif>>\n
small fluffy creature seeks hugs\n\nyou are\n[[a big growly creature]]\n\n[[a small fluffy creature]]\n\n[[a medium scaly creature]]\n\n<<set $size = "null">>\n<<set $friend = 0>>\n<<set $food = "seeds">>\n<<set $food2 = "seeds">>\n
you blink open bleary eyes to find a bright blue pair staring straight back into yours.\nit's unnerving, but it doesn't appear to have any hostile intentions.\nhow did it find you? you wonder as you try to rouse yourself.\n<<if $size eq "big">> "despite it's size you can tell it's intelligent. It remembers you." <<endif>><<else>>\n\n<<if $size eq "small">> "you can tell it's intelligent. It remembers you."<<endif>><<else>>\n\n<<if $size eq "med">> "despite the mammal's feature and covering of soft fur, it seems intelligent. it remembers you."<<endif>><<endif>>
it is a tiny ball of pale tawny fluff, with very blue eyes. it looks curious and energetic.\n\n<<if $friend gte 1>> [[You wonder what your little friend likes to eat|food]] <<else>> [[Back|prey]] <<endif>>
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you dart into a clump of ferns, heart pounding, running until you're sure that you're [[alone]]
\n<<if $food2 eq "berries">> <<display 'edible2'>> <<endif>><<else>>\n<<if $food eq "pinecones">> <<display 'edible2'>> <<endif>><<else>>\n<<if $food2 eq "honey">> <<display 'edible2'>> <<endif>><<else>>\n<<if $food2 eq "roots">> <<display 'edible2'>> <<endif>><<else>>\n
<<if $size eq "big">> "this tiny creature is barely a mouthful, it's surprising it hasn't run away already. most creatures this small flee at the first of your mighty footsteps. "you [[look closer]] at it, curious what sort of creature does not fear you."<<endif>><<else>>\n<<if $size eq "med">> "you prepare to strike, the tiny creature looks at you with large, liquid blue eyes "you [[look closer]] at it, curious what sort of creature does not fear you."<<endif>><<else>>\n<<if $size eq "small">> "prey? it's just about the same size as you, and what if it thinks <i>you're</i> prey instead? you begin to quiver with nervous energy, preparing to [[flee]] you [[peer|look closer]] at it, curious what sort of creature it might be. <<endif>><<endif>>\nyou hesitate a moment and it sqeaks and darts away, you are [[alone]]"
Friendly Creature
\n<<if $size eq "big">> "you pick the small fluffy creature up in your paw raising it up in front of your face, it's eyes are a blue like summer skys, it nuzzles against your paw and begins to trill softly"<<endif>><<else>>\n\n<<if $size eq "med">> "you slink over to the small creature, it doesn't seem to be afraid of you, it meeps again until you come close enough for it to nuzzle against your smooth scales, it's fluffy little body soft and warm"<<endif>><<else>>\n\n<<if $size eq "small">> "you look straight into the blue eyes of the creature, nervously, it seems to want to be your friend too, it makes an encouraging noise and takes a little bound closer to you waiting for you to approach. as soon as you're close enough it rests it's body against yours, vibrating with a satisfied hum that's somehow soothing."<<endif>><<endif>>\n\nyou [[contemplate|look closer]] your new friend, with it's warm litttle body and affectionate temprement.\n\n<<set $friend = $friend + 1>>\n\n
\nyour scales are <<cyclinglink "green" "blue" "red" "silver" "violet" >> with <<cyclinglink "black" "yellow" "pink" "turquoise">> spots.\n\n<<set $size = "med">>\n\n<<display 'meep'>>
your favourite food is <<cyclinglink $food "blackberries" "crabapples" "acorns" "honey" "insects" "salmon" "small furry creatures">>\n\nyou go to look at your [[stores]]
you look at the woods around you\n\nit might be nicer if you had a friend\n\nyou find a patch of moss and bracken and make yourself a place to lie down and [[sleep]]
it takes a bit longer to get there, your tummies are growling, but there is plenty of <<print $food2>> to go around.\n\nyou lie back in the sun together, tummies full.\n
You share some of your <<print $food>> amiably.<<endif>>\n
You don't think <<print $food>> are quite apropriate, but you know where there's some <<cyclinglink $food2 "honey" "berries" "roots" "pinecones">> they might like.\n[[go|stores2]]
\nyour fluff is <<cyclinglink "white" "brown" "yellow" "pale pink" "black" "striped" "spotted" >>\n<<set $size = "small">>\n<<display 'meep'>>
the small fluffy creature meeps at you for attention. \n\nyou look at the creature inquistivly deciding if it is [[prey]] or [[friend]]