[[<html><img src='http://i.imgur.com/wP9MgwM.jpg'></html>|view1]]
//just a few more days.//\n\nGAY MOON 2K14
you run down to the basement.\n[[the telescope|telepic]] is an ancient relic\na symbol of past interests\na magnet for childhood memories\nthe telescope hasn’t been used in around 5 years.\nit still works.\n[[awesome|setup]].
this is not going as you planned.\nafter fifteen minutes of re-re-repositioning, you manage to center the moon.\n//[[hell yes|view2pic2]]//\nbalancing the telescope in one hand, you grab your phone.\nyou look through the lens and\nnothing\n//are you actually [[kidding me|lens1]]//
you feel this energy well up inside you.\nthe moon calls to you. \n//just a few more days//\nbut you cannot wait. you must capture [[this moment|moment]].
//But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks?\nIt is the moon, and the moon is [[gay|gay]].//
[[<html><img src='http://i.imgur.com/Z2hDuVI.jpg'></html>|lens4]]
the telescope fights you at every juncture\nno matter how hard you tighten the knobs, it won’t stay put.\n//wait\nwait\n[[fuck|view2pic]]//
you look through the pictures you took.\nyou are not satisfied.\n//it’s fucking freezing out. i’m done//\nwith stiff fingers you turn the focus knob to try to get one last look at the moon.\nthe moon has noticed you.\nit has recognized your dedication to capturing its image.\nthe moon blushes profusely.\nthe energy of the weird and awesome crackles around you\npermeating your gay soul.\n//there is more to come.//\nthe moon flickers and the energy is [[gone|gone]].
Portrait of a GAY MOON
[[<html><img src='http://i.imgur.com/XsISqg2.jpg'></html>|viewfinder]]
there it is. just hanging up there.\nbig. milky white.\nthe source of power for gays everywhere.\nthe one true core of [[queer energy|energy]].
the viewfinder mount is bent\nbut maybe that’s how the moon wanted it.\nlooks like you’re flying blind.\nyou begin to sift through the night sky\nrejecting stars and satellites in pursuit of the gayest celestial body of them all.\noh.\nyou [[found it|lens2]].
you manage to press your phone’s volume rocker\nin the split second that the moon comes into focus.\n//[[got it|lens3pic]].//
the next twenty minutes are agony.\n\ncentering the moon\nany motion seems to send it careening across your vision.\n\npositioning your phone’s camera over the lens\nwith only a small amorphous speck of light as a guide\n\nshifting the telescope by millimeters\nto seize the image of this beautiful, imperfect sphere in [[the camera’s eye|lens3]].
the opportunity presents itself again and you snap a few more.\none picture actually shows some of the [[surface detail|lens4pic]].\n//alright, let’s see what we have [[here|moon]].//
[[<html><img src='http://i.imgur.com/E1v06GU.jpg'></html>|lens4]]
you step outside and the dying remains of a polar vortex intensify this sense of urgency.\nyou scan the sky to see if you can get a good vantage point and\nthere\n[[there it is|moon1]].\nonly it really looks more like [[this|moon2]]\nbut whatever, that’s [[fine|telescope]].
[[<html><img src='http://i.imgur.com/0OXc0GL.jpg'></html>|view2]]
//alright, it’s time to find this gay moon.//\nyou are almost giddy with excitement.\nthe feeling makes you forget the cold for a while.\n//okay\ni’m getting there\nalmost\n[[shit|view1pic]]//
outside, you extend the legs of the tripod.\nthe screws wail as you tighten them\nthe legs scrape against their housing\nmetal on metal.\nthe viewfinder shifts into place with a satisfying snap.\nyou direct the telescope [[skyward|skyward]].
[[<html><img src='http://i.imgur.com/slOrhrM.jpg'></html>|view2]]
[[<html><img src='http://i.imgur.com/kQACbMc.jpg'></html>|moment]]
[[<html><img src='http://i.imgur.com/xeFSAcL.jpg'></html>|moment]]
[[<html><img src='http://i.imgur.com/9oeY2bG.jpg'></html>|telescope]]