Fourth Day\n You wake feeling refreshed and very hungry. The fairies place a plate of food before you. You thank them and dive into the food. The drink fills you with renewed strength. Once you are ready, the time has come to meet the Fairy-Queen.\n The Fairy-Queen is dressed in a long flowing silver robe that shines like the moon. It is so bright; you shade your eyes for a moment. You feel your body begin to shake. You kneel before the Queen and wait her will.\n “You may rise, mortal and face me. My seers have said that the Ardent One would come in search of a missing weapon. They have also said that we should set two quests before the mortal to prove he is worthy. Are you willing to accept this challenge, Ardent the Mortal?”\n\n\n\n\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\n[[You Accept the Challenge]]\n [[You Decline the Challenge]]\n\n
If you ignore the frog:\nIf you ignore the frog, you become hopelessly lost in the land of the fairies. You wonder around the land until the two weeks end and your return home a angry, bitter man. \n\n[[Give up]]
You Teach the Butterfly to Release Itself-EG\n\n You whisper to the butterfly to stretch and flutter its wings, encouraging it to be strong. After a bit of strain the wings pull and break free. For the rest of your days butterflies surround and protect you.\n The butterfly is so happy, and thankful, it says, “Friend, thank you, my friend. If you’re ever in trouble, call out to me and I will come to your aid, immediately!” The butterfly flew high up into the sky and vanished.A Fairy blocks your way, and you must to fight or flee.\n\n [[You Decide to Fight]] \n[[You Turn Toward Another Path]]\n
You Venture Out to Seek the Missing Spear\n If you venture out to seek your destiny, you turn to the chief and kneel before him.\n “My Chief, I will do as you request. I will go find my spear and return for your daughter. She is my destiny.”\n You gather your belongings and head out in the direction your spear went. You walk along, thinking good thoughts and feeling happy to be on another quest. You amble along until you come upon a frog in the clutches of a butcherbird. \n\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\n\nThe frog calls out for help.\n\n [[You Stop to Help the Frog]] \n[[If you ignore the frog]]?\n\n
Start\nRecap: You start this game with a new Bow and Arrow that has magical powers. This bow and Arrow will be needed later in this game, so protect it. \n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\n[[Enter the Story]]\n[[Recap Information]]\n
You Stop to Help the Frog\nYou hear the frog call for help. You look down and feel compassion for the frog. You release the frog from the talons of the bird. The frog, full of gratitude, croaks, “ Thank you, my friend. If you ever need help, just give a single sigh and I will come to your aid!” The frog hops away from you.\n\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\n\nYou move along the path, again thinking happy thoughts, when you come across a purple and white butterfly caught on a thorn. \n\n[[You Teach the Butterfly to Release Itself-EG]]\n[[You Choose To Stop and Release the Butterfly]] \n[[You Choose to Ignore the Butterfly]]
You Accept the Challenge\n You accept the challenge. The Queen offers you a chair to recline while waiting for the quest to be decided. The Queen returns to you. \n “We have decided your quest. You must follow me.”\n You get up and follow the fairies. They take you through room after room and give you the tour. You reach the final room and find it is pitch black. When the light hits it, it looks dark, depressing and very black. You return to the light and the Queen says, ”You have until midnight to create a light for our black room. Finish this quest and you will have won half the challenge and you will live to fight another day. Fail this task and you forfeit your life. Do you accept?”\n You bow your head and think quickly. “Yes, my Queen, I will accept your challenge.”\n\n[[You call out for help]]\n\n
You Decide to Fight\n You decide to fight. You grab your trusty knife and begin to spar with the Fairy. You both go back and forth, and back and forth, the battle waging for hours. You finally jab the knife twice in a row, and knick the Fairy. She cries out in pain and move aside.\n “Welcome, Ardent. Our seer has prophesied that you would come. You have passed the first test. Now we shall see if you can pass the final tests. Please follow me.”\n You follow the Fairy into the hidden cave. You watch her wave her hand over what looks like a round knob, the room clears and you are in the magical world of Fairy Land. You look around the area and are astonished by the number of fairies facing you. The throne is covered with lilies and roses. The music filled your ears with the sweetest sound and lulls you into a much-needed deep sleep.\n \n[[Fourth Day]]\n\n
Walk up to the Chief\nIf you find the Chief, you walk directly up to the Chief’s hut and kneel before the Chief. \n “Greetings, my Chief. I have accepted your invitation to compete for your lovely daughter’s hand. I am Ardent- the master herdsmen from the River-Town. I look forward to proving my worth.” \n You continue to kneel. The Chief gives a smirk. \n “You are but a lowly farmer. What makes you think you can win my daughters hand? Rise and face me.”\n You rise and look at the Chief.\n “I am the best lance-man, and hunter in all your land. I will win this competition.”\n “I doubt that.”\n Adorn smiles at you. Her eyes crinkle and her passion for life shows in the look she gives you. She reaches out slowly to touch your shoulder. You smile back and feel your heart give a flitter.\n\n[[Day of the Competition]]\n\n
You Choose to Ignore the Butterfly\n If you choose to ignore the butterfly, you move into Fairy Land and get caught in quicksand. You sink into the mire and vanish forever.\n\nTHE END\n
You Stop to Eat-EG\nYou’ve run out of food and become hungry after walking ten miles. There is a vendor on the side of the road and you trade one of your spears for nuts and berries.\n\n[[Walk up to the Chief]]\n\n\n
You Decline the Challenge\nYou Decline the challenge, and find yourself in a major battle for your life. All the little fairies have banned together to battle you. You swipe your knife around, defending yourself. You battle until you faint. You wake up in your bed on your farm. You realize that you have been dreaming.\n The next day, an invitation arrives from the Chief.\n\nTHE END\n \n
On to the Last Reward\nAnd so, the Adventures of Ardent ended and he lived forever happy, telling and retelling the adventures to his kids, grandkids and great-grand kids.\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\nThis is the final award of the game! Great Job! \n\n\nTHE END\n \n\n[[Credits Page]]\n\n
You call out for help\n The Fairies leave the room to allow you to work. You sit by the candle light that they left for you and begin to think about all the things you will miss; the sun rise and sun set, the bright moon, flowers, and the beautiful farmland you till. You think about the events that have led you here, and you call out, “Oh my butterfly, I shall miss the beauty you give the world and most of all, shall miss my true love, Adorn.”\n The shout of despair flutters through the air until it reaches the butterfly. You hear the music drift through the room and fall asleep. When you awake, you see the moon rising to reflect on the shadows. The room is bright and cheery, filled with butterflies and fireflies. Thousands of them light the room and make it the brightest, cheeriest fairy room in the Fairy Castle. The moon reaches its zenith and the Fairy Queen arrives to see the end result.\n“The Human, has done it, the Mortal has finished the quest and made our room cheery.” The fairies clap and cheer and high five all around, even the Queen smiles.\n\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\n\n “Good job, Ardent. You have won half the quest. Follow us to my throne and rest. You will have one more challenge to complete. We know you have six days left before the Chief of your land gives your love to another. Rest well, and we shall meet on the morrow.”\n\n[[Fifth Day]]\n
\n\nArdent’s Adventures Part Two
Give up\n If you give up, you shake your head in frustration. You stomp off toward your hut and collect your things. You go home to your farm in anger and lose out on the true destiny that was yours. Your mother waits for you and consoles you. You live your life as a single farmer, and never grow any stronger or wiser. You live a very reclusive life, a bitter, angry man.\n\nTHE END\n\n
You Find Lodging\nIf you Find lodging, you unload and check in for the night. You settle your things and head out to check out what competition you might have to face. You find three other men wearing the competitor’s mark. You slowly watch them. They are busy drinking and playing cards. You decide they are not much threat. You walk around the small, dusty compound. You see the Chief and his lovely daughter sitting in front of their hut. You decide to introduce yourself or to watch from a distance; after all, you have a little time before the competition.\n\n\n\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\n\n [[Walk up to the Chief]]\n
Credits Page\n\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\nArdent’s Adventures\nTeam VIREO \nBased on: The Strong Boy and The Lost Spear \n\nStory by Dalene Davies Oct 2013 \nFor WW4: Videogame & Interactive Formats \nTeam Members: TEAM VIREO \n--------------\n Lead Writer- Dalene Davies \nMelanie Turner \nLance Rodrigue \nElaine Garcia\n\n\n\n\nMy Book House. (1920). The strong boy- story and audio version. In O. B. Miller (Ed.), My Book House: Through Fairy Halls (Vol. 6, p. 118). Retrieved from\n \n\nMy Book House. (1920). The lost spear- story and audio version. In O. B. Miller (Ed.), My Book House: Through Fairy Halls (Vol. 6, p. 132). Retrieved from\n\n\n
After the Wedding the Chief gives you a War Bonnet and a village to rule. The Fairies visit often and become a part of your life. You mother finds her own home in your village and waits for grandchildren. They come and fill your life with joy.\n\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\n[[On to the Last Reward]]\n\n
The Chief\nThe Chief looks at you and Adorn. She smiles. He takes one hand from you and the other from Adorn and places both of your hands together. You are married … (Click to view Video-EG)\n\n\nNative American Wedding Ceremony Reward-EG\n \n\n[[After the Wedding]]\n
Recap Information\n\nMap\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\n\nTasks\n\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\nCharacters\n\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\n\n[[Enter the Story]]\n\n
Enter the Story\nYou are now seventeen years old. You get an invitation from the chief to enter a contest for the hand of his youngest daughter. The invitation says, \n “Come to the main village in two days time to compete for the hand of my youngest daughter.” \n You get your invite and feel excited. You pack your burlap bag with necessary items: food, wrap and spear. You head out, determined to win the hand of the Chief’s daughter. You arrive on the specified day. \n\n[[You Find Lodging]] \n[[Walk up to the Chief]]\n[[You Stop to Eat-EG]]\n
Reward\ntwo fairy made outfits sat on the small table. \n\nA note attached to the Table\n\nFAIRYTALE ENDING: (Click here to see your reward-LR) \n\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\n “My dear Ardent, we are pleased to offer you the hand of Adorn. When the time comes, ring the bell and your marriage will be celebrated. We are proud to have you as one of our own.”\n\n\n[[The Chief]]\n
You Decline\n You decline the offer, and a flash of lightening strikes you, your mother and Adorn, dead. \n\nTHE END
You Choose To Stop and Release the Butterfly\n You choose to stop and release the butterfly. You tenderly lean down and gently release the thorns from the wings of the butterfly and let it fly into the world. \n The butterfly is so happy, and thankful, it says, “Friend, thank you, my friend. If you’re ever in trouble, call out to me and I will come to your aid, immediately!” The butterfly flew high up into the sky and vanished.\n\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\n You smile and wave the butterfly off. You head back onto the path to find your future. \n\n[[Third Day]]\n
Second Day\n The next day, the competitors return. The chief hands out the spears, the one he gives you feels off balance. The competition begins. The rules are simple. The one to throw it the furthest, wins the hand of Adorn.\n The clearing offers a wide range for the spears. The first three throw their spears into the edge of the woods. You step up and aim. The spear flies up into the air. It flies on and on until it flashes out of view. Adorn rushes up to you and hugs you. The chief frowns. \n “It is my degree that Ardent has won. Before he claims his bride, he must go out and retrieve the spear. If he does not return in two weeks time, the competitor who threw it second farthest will win by default.”\n Adorn whispers in your ear. “I know you will find it. I will wait for you.”\n At this point, you have two choices. \n\n\n\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\n\n[[Give up]] in frustration \n\n[[You Venture Out to Seek the Missing Spear]].\n\n
Third Day\nYou see the glitter of the spear off in the distance and head towards it. The sun has set three times since you left on your journey. It is time to step up the pace. You reach the foot of the mountain where the spear should be. You climb up for what feels like hours until you reach a cave type entrance. As you push the vines aside, you feel a sharp pain in your chest. You stop!\n Standing before you is a beautiful fairy. Her dagger pointed directly into your chest.\n \n[[You Decide to Fight]] \n[[You Turn Toward Another Path]]\n\n
You Turn Toward Another Path\nIf you turn toward another path, you feel an electric pulse shoot through your body. You scream as you fall into the Fairy Waterfall and land in the cool, refreshing pool. You swim to land and get hopelessly lost. Hunger and thirst cause you to become delirious and you find yourself in another land, unable to communicate with the natives. You have lost your major battle and live the rest of your life in this new land.\n\n\n\n\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\nTHE END\n
Your First Reward\n The Fairy Queen waved her hand over you and you fall into the deepest of sleeps. When you woke up, you were snug in the hut in the village, the spear at your side, …\n\n[[Reward]]\n
\n\nStory by Dalene Davies \nOct 2013 \nFor WW4: Videogame & \nInteractive Formats \nTeam Members: \nTEAM VIREO \n--------------\n Lead Writer- Dalene Davies \nMelanie Turner \nLance Rodrigue \nElaine Garcia
Fifth Day\n You feel relieved and scared at the same time. You give a wave and a nod to the butterfly and fireflies and follow the Fairies. You rest for the next day and feel the chill return as the sunsets.\n The Fairy Queen descends from her throne and places the spear on the last step. She calls you over.\n “We have decided on your next challenge. We use gossamer to create our clothes. As you can see, our lily pads are empty. To receive the weapon you seek, you must fill these 100 lily pads with the gossamer we need or you forfeit your life and that of your beloved. Do you accept this challenge?”\n\n\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\n\n[[You Decline]] \n[[You Accept]]\n\n
You Accept\n You sit by the candle light, against the wall, and begin to think about all the things you will miss; the sun rise and sun set, the bright moon, flowers, and the beautiful farmland you till. You think about the events that have led you here, and you give a huge sigh that vibrates through the cave, “Oh my lovely frog, I shall miss the croaks you fill our world but most of all, I shall miss my true love, Adorn.” Again the music fills the room and you fall into a deep sleep. \n The frog, lounging in her pond, heard the huge sigh and called out to her cousins, the lizards, “The Ardent One, who saved my life, now needs our help. Come, and help me do the right thing!” \n The frogs and lizards rushed to your aid. They found you in a deep sleep and began to catch flies. Once they caught the fly, they pulled the wings and filled the lily pads. Once again the moon rose and told the night that midnight was here. The frogs and lizards finished the job and vanished into the night. \n Just as the moon struck its zenith, the fairies returned to the throne room. \n “He has passed both tests! The Mortal Ardent has completed both tasks. He is worthy of the spear and of the hand of Adorn.”\n\n[[Your First Reward]]\n
Day of the Competition\n\n The day of the competition dawns warm. You shoulder your trusty bow and arrow and meet at the selected area. The chief raises his arm and shots “Do it!”\n The arrows aim true. The first three land on the sides of the trunk. Now it is your turn. You step up and let the arrow fly out of your hand. It lands dead center. \n You have won! You smile at Adorn, and Adorn smiles back.\nThe chief frowns.\n“That was not a fair competition. The arrow was tainted. Tomorrow we will have another competition. I will supply the spears.”\n\n [[Second Day]]\n\n