Answer a riddle-LR\nWhat sleeps all day and is up all night.\n\n[[Choices]]\n
You turn tail and run toward the underground spring-MT\nYou give your mother a big smile and slip into the water. The Water Spirit glides toward you. When the Bear rushes to the side, the Water Spirit zaps the paw of the Bear who lets out a "GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" and removes his paw from the water. As the Water Spirit guides you through the underground spring, you collect five arrowheads and save them. Once he releases you to the wide-open world, the arrowheads give you power for later in the game.\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\n\n You lay on the ground, heaving air into your lungs. You cover your eyes for the sun is bright upon your face. You slowly look up into the sky and feel the wind rustle your hair. You look around, curious. The sun quickly dries your clothes and you stand up, ready to face your challenge. \n\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\n[[You Jump up, fists ready]]\n
Enter the story-LR\n In a time, and in a land where animals’ talk and fairies ruled, there lived an Indian woman who went for a walk. A Big Grizzly Bear saw Dancing-Girl all alone, unprotected, walking through the woods and stopped her. \n\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\n “Dancing-Girl, why are you out here all alone? Where is your protector!” \n “I am not afraid. I grew up here. These woods are my home, Mr. Grizzly Bear.”\n “As you are not afraid, you will come with me to my den and dance for me.” And so it passed that Dancing-Girl and her infant son went to live with Mr. Grizzly and his sons. The years passed and the baby grew up and Dancing-Girl got older. She began to experience the health issues that many experience and she found that dancing became harder for her to do. Mr. Grizzly Bear began to lose patience with her and beat her if she did not move fast enough. When the young boy wanted to go out into the world, the Grizzlies sons stood in his way. \n\n\n[[Meet Ardent]]
You tuck tail and run-EG\nWhen the Water Sprite rushes through the trees, disturbing the peace and serenity, you turn and dart through branches and brush. Running as fast as you can, you are no match for the swiftness of the Water Sprite and you fall to the ground as it takes you over.\n\n[[You Jump up, fists ready]]\n\n
Ardent's Adventure Part One\n\nStart\n\n \n<html><img src= /></html>\n\n\n[[Enter the story-LR]] \n[[Answer a riddle-LR]]\n
The Moon-LR \nCorrect\n\n \n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\nGood Night Moon Video\n \n\n[[Enter the story-LR]]\n[[Choices]]\n
You jump up, ready to fight the Bear-MT\n\nYou raise your fists and charge at the Bear.\nYour mother screams. “No, Ardent, no!”\nThe Bear hauls off and smacks you again, sending you flying\nacross the den. You slam into the cave wall, stunned.\n“Run, Ardent, run!” Your mother grabs the Bear’s arm to stop\nhim from going after you. Distracted, he turns on her, growling\nferociously.\n“Run, Ardent! Go!”\nYou give your mother a big smile and slip into the water.\n\n[[You turn tail and run toward the underground spring-MT]]\n
Stand Your Ground \n You stand your ground and glare at the Water Spirit. “You do not frighten me. I will decide the best way to help my mother. What plan do you have to aid me?” \n “Bring me your mother that we may forge a workable plan.” You do as he says and bring your mother over. \n “Great Dancing Girl, I have watched from this pond, a butterfly fluttering about. I have enjoyed your movements. I have heard your cry. I am here to help you.” \n “What can you do, oh Great Water Spirit?” \n “I will take your son out into the world and guide him until he is strong and wise. He will return and take you from here to return to your own kind.” \n “As you say, Water Spirit, it shall be done.” With a tear, she turns to you and hugs you close. “You must go with the Water Spirit and learn all that you can. I will be fine until your return.” You hug your mother back and hear the Big Grizzly return.\n You rush the bear. He stops, completely shocked by your sudden change. You begin to hit him. The Big Black Bear gives you a swipe and you go tumbling back into the cave. The force of the shove causes the entire cave to shake. You hit the wall and fall into the pond. The Water Sprite encircles your body and propels you down, down, down into the lower regions of the earth. The growl from the Big Grizzly Bear grows faint. You hear your mother scream. The scream is cut short, as you get further away from her. The Water Sprite carries you out of the cave and gently drops you on land. \n\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\n\n[[You Jump up, fists ready]]\n[[You tuck tail and run-EG]] \n\n
PLAY DEAD-LR\n\nIf you play dead, the bear drags your body out of the cave so that your corpse won’t smell up the place. \n\n[[Maps, Characters and Tasks]]
FIGHT-LR\nIf you fight you are killed by the bear\n\n[[Enter the story-LR]]
You lean over the spring to get closer to the strange face-MT\n\nThe gurgling becomes a small giggle. You look into the spring and you hear words spring up from the being. He smiles and asks you why you do not free your mother from the Big Grizzly Bear.\n\n “I am but a small boy, what can I do?” The Water Sprite rolls his eyes and looks at you. \n “You can go out into the world and learn how to fight for your mother.” \n “How do I get out? The Big Grizzly Bear has his cub boys helping him?” \n “Listen to me. If you are determined to escape, just follow me. I will help you get out into the world. Jump into the pond and I will protect you.” \n When the Big Grizzly Bear returns he looks at your mother and demands that she dance for him. She gathers her strength and moves to obey. You feel a righteous anger build up inside you. The next day you return to the pond and stare into the pond. \n\n You stare at the being that appears like a glowing mass. You plop down and continue to stare. “Well, cat got your tongue, boy?” \n You swallow a few times and glance around the cave. What would his mother think? “I … I … just don't know what to say.” \n “Well, you could start by answering my question. Do you think your mother enjoys the beating she gets from the Big Grizzly Bear? Do you enjoy being fed only if the Big Grizzly Bear says you can?” \n You sit on the side of the pool and ponder the words of the Water Sprite. You take a moment. “I still do not know what to say. How can I change anything?” \n “When you are ready, you will know what to do. How do you think I got here?” \n “I do not know. How did you get here?” \n “I followed the cries of your mother. I have watched from the pond. I have pondered how best to help you both.” \n “What can you do? You are nothing except water.” The water begins to boil, rush and burn.\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\n\n[[Move Away]] \n \n[[Stand Your Ground]] \n
You both hug and smile at each other and move to your families farm.\n\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\n[[Water Sprites Reward]]
The Water Sprite gives you a parting gift for you to use later in the game. \n\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\nThe End\n[[Credits Page]]\n\n
A Bear-LR \nwrong \n\n \n\n[[Enter the story-LR]]\n\n[[Choices]]\n
Animals-LR \nwrong\n\n \n[[Choices]]\n\n[[Enter the story-LR]]\n
\n\nArdent’s Adventures Part 1\n
You Got it Wrong\n You pick the wrong path and follow the maze back to the den. Your mother shakes her head and gives a sigh of resignation. It appears you were not quite ready to take on the Grizzly. Perhaps in a few years you will try again.\n You hang your head in shame.\n\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\n\nTHE END\n
Credits Page\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\n\nArdent’s Adventures\nTeam VIREO \nBased on: The Strong Boy and The Lost Spear \n\nStory by Dalene Davies Oct 2013 \nFor WW4: Videogame & Interactive Formats \nTeam Members: TEAM VIREO \n--------------\n Lead Writer- Dalene Davies \nMelanie Turner \nLance Rodrigue \nElaine Garcia\n\n\nMy Book House. (1920). The strong boy- story and audio version. In O. B. Miller (Ed.), My Book House: Through Fairy Halls (Vol. 6, p. 118). Retrieved from\n \n\nMy Book House. (1920). The lost spear- story and audio version. In O. B. Miller (Ed.), My Book House: Through Fairy Halls (Vol. 6, p. 132). Retrieved from\n\n\nThe End of Part 1\n Ardent’s Adventure Part2\n
Maps, Characters and Tasks\n\nMap\n\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\nTasks\n\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\nCharacters\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\n[[Water Sprite]].\n\n
Choices\n\n[[A Bear-LR]]\n[[The Moon-LR]]\n[[Animals-LR]]
Move Away \n You move away, fear showing in your eyes. For the first time you take the Water Spirit seriously. You watch while the water settles down to a gurgle and you consider all you have heard. \n You go to your mother and whisper, “Mother, I must speak to you.” \n She moves closer to you. “Yes, what is it my Little WhipperSnapper?” \n “Mother, I have a chance to save you. This is my new friend, The Water Spirit.” \n Your mother peers into the pond and gives a little gasp. “Oh, how do you do?” \n “I am good. I heard your cries and have come to help you escape. Do you wish my help?” \n “Oh yes, my Water Friend. What must we do?” \n “You must let your son leave your side and go out into the world to grow strong and wise. Once that day comes, he will return to rescue you. Will you do it?” \n “Yes, I will allow it. Go, my Ardent One, and become strong and wise.” \n At this you hear the Big Grizzly return and demand that your mother dance for him. You are still feeling the connection to the water spirit so you yell at the Grizzly. He stands there, huge and tall, stunned by your words. \n "Get away from my mother!" \n His nose flares and he halls off and smacks you through the den. \n\n[[You jump up, ready to fight the Bear-MT]]\n
You Jump up, fists ready \n You jump up, fists balled, ready to take on your next challenge. You look directly at the waters edge and see the Water Spirit smile at you. “You did very well, my young one. I have many quests and tasks for you to complete before you return to your mother. My list is long. The first task is to go to the place between the two trees and answer the question posed in the sand. Once you have that completed, return here, to me and tell me the answer.\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\nSolve the puzzle for the answer\n \n\nYou return to the Water Sprite and whisper the answer.\n \n[[You Got it Correct]]\n\n [[You Get it Wrong]]\n\n
Water Sprite\n\n You are a twelve-year-old Indian boy. You live in a cave with your mother, and four huge Grizzly bears. You have never seen the sunlight or felt the wind rustle your hair. You know nothing of the outside world. One day you are playing skip-the-rock by the underground water spring, when you see a strange face appear up at you. \n \n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\n[[You run away, frightened-MT]]\n[[You lean over the spring to get closer to the strange face-MT]]\n\n
You Got it Correct\n\nYou get the correct answer and the Water Sprite smiles at you.\n“Here is the next task. You must follow this map and find the hidden object. Once you find the object, return to me and I will reward you.”\n\n \n\nWhen you return, you are lugging the canoe over your head. The Water Sprite is nodding his head in approval.\n“Here are your rewards. So far you have earned six feathers.”\n\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\n“For your next task, I will give you a choice. The first choice is to follow the map to the next hidden item or follow the instructions to your final task for power. Choose wisely, for the path you choose will lead to heartache or treasure.”\n\n \n\n[[You Get it Wrong]] \n[[You Choose to Search]]\n
Ardent\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\nArdent found himself trapped and unable to defend himself. This is where our story begins. You are Ardent and you must choose the best way to save Dancing-Girl.\n\n\n\nChoose\n[[FIGHT-LR]]\n[[PLAY DEAD-LR]]\n\n
\nYou choose to search for the hidden item. You finish the jigsaw puzzle and head back, the sling shot in hand. You go back to the Water Sprite with a confused look on your face. You show it to the Water Sprite and snap yourself with the sling.\n“Ouch! How do I use this? What good does it do me?”\n“You take the handle side, hold it in your hand, fill the sling with a rock, aim and fire. Once you master this, you will be able to fight for your mother. You receive three more feathers. Take these rocks and practice aiming for this branch. If you can hit it three times in a row, you are ready to face the Grizzly Bear.”\n You finally hit the branch three times in a row. {Click here to gain Energy—EG}\n\n \n\n\nYou try again and hit it six times. Once you hit it twelve times in a row, you receive nine more feathers and feel ready to face the final battle. The Water Sprite gives a Cheer!\nNow you are ready to face the Grizzly!\n\n\n<html><img src= /></html>\n\n\n[[You Face the Grizzly]]\n\n \n\n\n\n
You run away, frightened-MT\nIf you run away, close to your mother’s side. The Grizzly Bear bullies you and your mother. You decide that the strange face in the spring isn’t as scary as the Bear, so the next day you return. You sit beside the underground water spring waiting for the strange face to reappear. Suddenly, the water starts to bubble.\n\n[[You lean over the spring to get closer to the strange face-MT]]\n
You Face the Grizzly\n You return to the den, slingshot in tow and butterflies in your stomach. You call out to the Grizzly family and as soon as they show up you begin to pelt them with rocks. You pelt them with rocks as quickly as you can, one after another, until you knock them out. {Click here to replenish the rocks} \n\n \n\nYou win another reward. Collect your Silent Warrior Patch. Use it to sneak into the cave and save your mother.\nWhen the last one runs away, you sneak into the den and save your mother. Here it is! Use the Silent Warrior (LR)\n\n \n \n<html><img src= /></html>\n\n[[You Save Your Mom]]
\n\nStory by Dalene Davies \nOct 2013 \nFor WW4: \nVideogame & \nInteractive Formats \nTeam Members: \nTEAM VIREO \n--------------\n Lead Writer- Dalene Davies \nMelanie Turner \nLance Rodrigue \nElaine Garcia