no, not really though, you just think that\n\n[[Oh|Check out the dorms]]
"What, I can't hear you. You have to speak up."\n\n[[I'm doing good.|whatever]]\n
the weed king collapses back into his eternal slumber as you sidle away.\n\n<<display 'go wait in the place'>>
"I still can't hear a word you're saying! Whatever. Look, I don't know you, but I'm not going to give you a swirlie or anything just because I'm a jock."\n\nthat's really cool of him! though you don't know what you were expecting in the first place.\n\n[[Thanks bro!|A voice]]\n
It looks like she didn't hear you. She says that if you've graduated before and are part of the coming back to high school program, go wait in the room next door. they want to introduce you guys separately.\n\n[[okay|go wait in the place]]\n[[FUCK THAT, I'M MAKING LIKE A TREE AND TELLING YOU TO FUCK OFF AND LEAVING|YEAH YOU DID IT]]\n
Your parents have sent you back to high school, which seems appropriate. You tried other things for a few years after you graduated but it's not working out. No, this is good for you. You are back in high school.\n\nAnd it's one of those nice crazy private academy's too! this will really prepare you for the real world you see.\n\n[[Enter highschool|Enter highschool.]]\n
Your parents are here! They're your room mates for this semester. Your dad's in another room, and your mom's sitting in the chair on her iPad.\n\n"Hi son. How's school going?"\n\n[[Yeah it is.|huh]]
Scratched haphazardly onto the walls of one of the stalls (that rhymed :3) is SHIT in a vertical acronym.\n\nSTANDARD\nHIGHSCHOOL\nINVITATION\nTITS\n\nbelow it is the phone number\n\n313-740-8792 xoxo\n\nHINT: xoxo means hugs and kisses.\n\nThere is something about this display that strikes you inviting and exciting (that rhymed 2.) Do you call the number?\n\n[[yeh|solicit]]\n[[neh|Enter bathroom.]]
"I couldn't hear you. But I can see you. Yes... I see potential. Listen. The world is like one of those plants you would pick with your mom and sister at the beach when you we're young. Don't be surprised, I know many things about you. It is segmented, with no clear beginning or end, only portions of decreasing size. These pieces can be interchanged. Tell me, which piece am I. No! Tell me, will you JOIN ME, the weed king, on a quest?"\n\n[[JOIN THE WEED KING ON A QUEST|the quest]]\n[[nah|wad kang]]\n
"Sup dude, how's it going." He turns to you. He's wearing his highschool id and smiles.\n\n[[About the same.|sweet]]
you pull out your iPhone, there are a few texts from your friends but you don't open them, and type in the number. it takes a few tries but you get it right and hit send\n\nit goes to voicemail. you are not disappointed.\n\n[[maybe they'll call later?|A voice]]\n
you are an expert at moving in the same direction as tons of other people! you follow the crowd and get to where you were meant to be in no time.\n\nat the doors of the assembly hall are hall monitors welcoming everyone. before you walk in, one of them asks how old you are.\n\n[[I'm 22|segregate]]\n
HIGH school
The two girls don't hear you speak. One of them notices your approach however and greets you.\n\n"Hey Victor, we all kind of figured you'd end up back here. Do you want some rum?" she extends the bottle warmly.\n\n[Drink that shit|rum2]]
these two we're kind of artsy, they we're always in art fest towards the end of each school year. in fact, that's what they're talking about right now, listen!\n\n"...her. she won because she sucked up to mrs. arrow a lot. her pictures we're crap."\n\nyou feel comfortable. but not as comfortable as you would feel with some rum. you have two dollars on you.\n\n[[Offer the two dollars in exchange for some shots|recog]]\n[[Just ask for some rum|recog]]\n
"I can't hear you son! Hey, do you know how to make it so my iPad will rotate when I turn it?"\n\nYou take the ipad and turn off lock rotation. You hand it back to your mom.\n\n"Your a genius! Well, you'd better get back to school. I'm just going to chill here with your dad for now."\n\n[[Go back to school|a force]]
you walk by unemotive as she opens her locker. it's locker 2124 by the cafeteria. this will come in handy when you choose to speak to her later.\n\nHINT: HIGH school is a game of trivial detail and awkward forgetfulness. You should write down any information you consider important, because it may be later on!\n\n[[a plan begins to form in your head...|A voice]]\n
You are in highschool! You are drowning in an ocean of people who are also drowning in an ocean of people. Some of them have iPods in, and you can make out faces from your past though you don't associate names with them. They channel through the halls, bobbers of lesser unfamiliarity in a sea of complete unfamiliarity.\n\nHINT: In highschool, there are places you are expected to go, and will be directed to if asked. These places will be referred to as classes.\n\nWhere do you go in highschool?\n\n[[Enter bathroom.|Enter bathroom.]]\n[[Check out the dorms.|Check out the dorms]]\n[[Follow one of the familiar faces, though from a safe distance so they don't notice you.|you follow the person]]\n
When you come to, the waiting room is entirely empty. The assembly hall is quiet. there is nobody here. the throne of the weed king is empty. you open the doors and leave the waiting room.\n\nthere is a pre-school meeting here. toddlers are being corraled by large women in sweats. you feel comfortable.
No, you guys aren't going out. You don't even know her really. Why don't you try making friends with her first? that way you can get to know more about her and her about you. you'll be able to pick up on any cues of affection and modify your behavior accordingly. maybe you two will begin to spend more time together and become more comfortable around each other. you'll begin to rely on each other for support and entertainment. slowly as you two become close you'll begin giving each other unspoken messages of admiration, like hair tossling and hugs and emoticons. only then might you two be going out. only then could you smell her butt.\n\noh hey, you've unintentionally followed her all the way to her locker while thinking about smelling her butt. what do you do now?\n\n[[Keep walking|close call]]
You lean against your own wall and think about what you've done, what you need to do, and the plot of that episode of Rocket Power where Otto cuts his foot on a piece of beach glass and the Military Sargeant lifeguard has the gang help him clean up the beach. Though they grumbled about it at first, the gang finds out about a near waste facility dumping garbage into the water. They are able to have the city shut this plant down, and are free to shred in clean waters once again. Through their own actions they made a difference in the world. Rocket Power was a really fucking stupid show.\n\n[[there was a tv special of it where they have to find tony hawk who's gone missing, and basically find an extreme sports dungeon in his basement. once they conquer it, tony hawk explains that it was all a test to see if there were any real shredders left, and shreds with them|A voice]]\n
The quest is too smoke weed with the weed king. and we all know how that goes xD\n\nYou pass the fuck out.\n\n[[Later on.|later on]]\n
oh yeah, it was because her name is [[Molly|going out]] and she was a [[fan|going out]] of the band flogging molly. you noticed this one day and [[made a joke|going out]] about it. then you asked her about the band. you've never had much [[taste|going out]] in music, so she did most of the talking, and you told her you'd check them out. that was pretty much the [[extent|going out]] of your [[interaction|going out]] with her.\n\nshe's turning another stopping at her locker now. it's in a removed section of the building and there aren't a lot of people around. what do you do?\n\n[[Keep walking|close call]]\n[[Say hello|heyo]]
HINT: You can save your game once a day at your dorm room. However, this will also advance the highcshool clock to the next morning. Be sure you've completed all your responsibilities before you go to sleep, or else you may be punished!\n\nthere are a lot of [[fucking|fucking]] people in this dormatory. where are they from? where are they going? somebody help me\n\nyour room number is 109.\n\n[[Go inside.|the dormroom]]\n[[Wait, won't that save my game and make me miss the rest of the day no fuck that.|safe choice]]
"Pardon me?" She didn't hear you. You have to speak up.\n\n[[We had a spanish class together in middle school.|heeyo]]
you remember her face from somewhere. you think you had a class with her. maybe you guys had a class together? you swear to god you've seen her face before, and that shirt too; a worn flogging molly print.\n\nwhatever, you're just following her, it's not like you two are [[going out|going out]] or anything. she's turning a corner, are you going to keep following her???\n\n[[yeh|the saga continues]]\n[[okay|the saga continues]]
"What? I can't hear a word you're saying. I don't like the band flogging molly anymore if that's what you're asking."\n\nOh good she remembers you. That's good. You can walk away now.\n\n[[Nod your head and walk away|A voice]]
You are in a large waiting room. The assembly hall is next door and there is whooping and hurrahing in there. The other return to highschoolers are in here. two girls you recognize from your graduating class are sharing a bottle of [[rum|rum]]. you wonder if they'll sell you a few swigs for the money in your pocket.\n\nthe [[weed king|weed king]] of this high school is sitting in his omniPOTence in the center of the room. he's really high.
not one to mess around with game mechanics you don't fully understand, you retreat from the dormatory.\n\n<<display 'Enter highschool.'>>\n
You are in bathroom! It's quieter in here and smells like [[shit|shit]]. There are 4 or 5 stalls and they all smell like [[shit|shit]]. There are some urinals, sinks, and high powered air dryers that make indents in your hands when you use them. A jock is leaning against the far wall and gazing out the window.\n\nHINT: Swirlies are mostly a product of American movie tropes, and thus rarely actually given, and even then only ironically.\n\n[[Say hello to the jock.|Hello jock.]]\n[[Just hang out for a bit.|Chill bathroom.]]\n[[Leave|Enter highschool.]]
no no you guys definitely had a class together. it was spanish in middle school. you [[sat near her|going out]] and a couple of her friends. they must have been close to one another, they would talk often and tell [[in jokes.|going out]] you had a conversation with her once, but what was it about. it had something to do with flogging molly.\n\nshe's going up some stairs now, do you follow her?\n\n[[yeh|moving up]]\n[[uh-huh|moving up]]
"Yes... I am the weed king," says the weed king as you approach. He's fat and likes to smoke weed. He is the weed king.\n\n"Tell me, my son, what is your age."\n\n[[Tell him your age|22]]\n
You take a few drags and pass it back, nodding your head in thanks. As you sit down and begin to make a joke, you begin to feel sleepy. That wasn't rum, it was poison! The world begins to spin and become dark. As you pass into unconciousness, the last thing you see are the two hipsters smiling at you.\n\n[[Later on.|later on]]
You're trying to go back to school, but something's preventing you.\n\n[[Go back to school.|a force]]