You turn tail and run int othe darkness as far as you can while Jerry calls out to you from the door. You feel bad for leaving him, but you don't like confrontations. You're more of a pacifist.\n\nYou live out the rest of your days in the dark meat warehouse. Eventually, your eyes adjust to the dark. You grow accustomed to eating meat from the floors. You find a toffee in your pocket and develop a habit of calling it "My precious".\n\nEventually, when the green-skinned alien owners of this meat facility come to clean up, you are captured and displayed in a zoo with the name "Homo Gollumus". A visiting alien from a nearby planet draws inspiration from you to create a bestselling book series, "The Overlord of the Circles".\n\nYou live a miserable life and die alone.\n\nTHE END\n\n<<if $endingSix>>You have already obtained this ending.<<else>><<remember $completed = $completed + 1>><<set $endingSix = true>><<endif>>\n\n<<if $completed eq 13>>\nYou have obtained all the endings! Congratulations! As a thanks for being a dedicated reader, I give you some [[Special Features]].<<else>>You have obtained <<print $completed>> of 13 endings. Want to play again? Go back to the [[start|Restart]].<<endif>>
You wake up to find Jerry in the kitchen, cooking bacon and eggs for you using the eggs from your chickens. Living in the country has done wonders for the both of you. The air has made both of you fit and healthy, and much happier.\n\nAfter the move from New York people always asked you. Why did you forgive him? You always said that it was obvious. You loved him. From High School Graduation where he asked you out, shy and shaking in his leather jacket, to now, you have always loved this man.\n\nYour experience has made you realise. Every relationship has its ups and downs, but love will always stay the same.\n\nTHE END\n\n<<if $endingFour>>You have already obtained this ending.<<else>><<remember $completed = $completed + 1>><<set $endingFour = true>><<endif>>\n\n<<if $completed eq 13>>\nYou have obtained all the endings! Congratulations! As a thanks for being a dedicated reader, I give you some [[Special Features]].<<else>>You have obtained <<print $completed>> of 13 endings. Want to play again? Go back to the [[start|Restart]].<<endif>>
With a mighty roar, you bring down one of your fists on a printer. It breaks into a thousand pieces with a burst of blue flame. All of the green-skinned heads appear shocked.\n\nThen they cheer! They all rush out of their cubicles, sporting extremely long necks on what appears to be bodies that resemble a Jack Russell terrier.\n\nThey accept you as their new overseer for your display of brutality and strength. You move quickly up the ranks of the company, gaining an audience with the CEO himself, who eventually names you as his successor.\n\nFor the rest of your life you rule as the overlord of the Klaxons of Nexus Six, a people whose only export is meat. You are a kind ruler, however, and create friendly partnerships with the fellow meat industries of nearby planets, eventually forming the greatest Meat Network in the your galactic quadrant. You are happy.\n\nTHE END\n\n<<if $endingOne>>You have already obtained this ending.<<else>><<remember $completed = $completed + 1>><<set $endingOne = true>><<endif>>\n\n<<if $completed eq 13>>\nYou have obtained all the endings! Congratulations! As a thanks for being a dedicated reader, I give you some [[Special Features]].<<else>>You have obtained <<print $completed>> of 13 endings. Want to play again? Go back to the [[start|Restart]].<<endif>>\n\n\n\n\n
You give in to the animal instinct within you. Your mind changes and warps. You close your eyes, and when you open them, you are...\n\nA wolf.\n\nSuddenly, the room fills with brilliant light. A divine presence dissolves into existence - a floating wolf's head.\n\n"Friend," it booms, its holy essence echoing through the room. "The time has come to join your otherkin brethren in the Wild Realms. Come, brother."\n\nA beautiful, swirling portal opens beside it, beckoning you inside. And so, you enter the Wild Realms.\n\nFor the rest of your days, you live among your otherkin brethren, frolicking in the fields, using DeviantArt, and yiffing with that special someone. You are happy.\n\nTHE END\n\n<<if $endingTen>>You have already obtained this ending.<<else>><<remember $completed = $completed + 1>><<set $endingTen = true>><<endif>>\n\n<<if $completed eq 13>>\nYou have obtained all the endings! Congratulations! As a thanks for being a dedicated reader, I give you some [[Special Features]].<<else>>You have obtained <<print $completed>> of 13 endings. Want to play again? Go back to the [[start|Restart]].<<endif>>
''WINTER WONDERLAND - A CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE\nBY YNTE LAMMERTSMA''\\n\n<<if $firstTime>>''Welcome back, reader.'' You have obtained <<print $completed>> of 13 endings.<<else>>''This is your first time reading this story.''<<remember $completed = 0>><<remember $firstTime = true>><<endif>>\n\nIt's a beautiful December night in North America. The Christmas trees are up in preparation for the big night, carolers go door to door and families huddle inside by the glow of the fireplace. It's truly a heavenly evening.\n\nFor everybody except you.\n\nYou're tied to a chair in a completely darkened room. You don't know how long you've been here and your head throbs. Your hands and feet are tied and you have duct tape roughly affixed to your mouth. You have to escape before you freeze to death, because you can feel a cold draught seeping in from somewhere.\n\nWhat do you want to do?\n\n[[Attempt to break free]]\n[[Check your pockets for something useful]]
You drive in your Peugot for half an hour until you finally find him. He's at the top of the Golden Gate Bridge, loose business tie flapping in the breeze. He's going to jump.\n\nThe police have got there first. They've stopped traffic on the bridge and they're calling with megaphones up to Jerry. He doesn't respond to their pleas and stares steadily out to see, lips quivering.\n\nYou slam the door of your car and run out to the police.\n\n"I'm his wife!" you cry as you run into the crowd. The police negotiator runs up to you.\n\n"We don't know how he got up there ma'am, but it's too risky sending a man up there. He hasn't responded to anything we've said."\n\n"I know him," you say. "Let me talk to him!"\n\nThe negotiator hands you the megaphone with a grim expression. You call up to Jerry.\n\n"Jerry! It's me! It's Dora!" you call up to him. You see him, shocked as he turns to face you.\n\n"I forgive you! We can start again!" you call up to him. \n\n"I love you!" you call desperately.\n\nSomething stirs in Jerry. He turns to look at you. You can see the tears streaming down his face.\n\nHe steps back from the edge and into the arms of the police, who place a shock blanket on him. When he comes down to you, the two of you kiss like you haven't in years, and hold each other tightly. It will all be okay.\n\n[[Five years later]]\n
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You remember to when you were young, and you lived with your mother and father in a traveling circus that toured America. Mum and Dad were both psychics, and it seemed like they always knew what you were thinking. What they couldn't predict, however, was their untimely deaths in a freak accident involving the circus company's elephants and the mouse trainers. You were sent to live with your Grandmother in Pensylvania soon after that.\n\nYou think back to what Dad taught you about hallucinations..\n\n"Now son, if ya ever get near some guy and ya start trippin' out, it might not be th' peace pipe ya bin smokin, it might be that he's one o' them empaths, son! Em-path, they share emotions and memories n' stuff. Reel dangerous. If ya see one, run away fast as ya little legs can take ya."\n\nIf Jerry is an empath, that means that he can project emotions onto people around him. He must have given you that hallucination earlier! You need to get out of here, fast, before you slip in too deep.\n\n[[Run away as fast as ya can!]]\n
You raise your fist, imbued with superhuman power, and deliver the greatest punch you can muster to the wall in front of you.\n\nYour intensified fist rips through the meat like a power drill to tissue paper, with a satisfying squelch. You feel warm air hit your fist on the other side. You pull your fist out from the hole and look through it.\n\nWhat you see is a surprising contrast from the meat warehouse. It is a clean-cut, conservative office area like one would see in a call centre. Phones are ringing and you hear a strange language being spoken that you've never heard before.\n\nA green-skinned head pops up from behind a cubicle to look at you. Several others do the same. Then some more. Soon, green-skinned heads are poking out of every single cubicle, looking right at you.\n\nWhat will you do?\n\n[[Assert your superhuman power]]\n[[Question the creatures]]
You reach down and touch the floor with your fingers. Suddenly, you recoil, startled, as some wet liquid had gathered around your fingers. Tentatively, you raise the finger to your mouth and taste.\n\nIt's blood!\n\nYou freak out. Whle you're freaking out, bright floodlights suddenly come on and you realise the entire giant warehouse you're in is made of meat. The walls, the ceiling and the floors. You freak out more.\n\nA siren begins to blare, and suddenly the floor starts to slide away from the wall, revealing a giant fire pit. You begin to run. With your superhuman speed, you easily reach the other side of the warehouse. However, you can see the meat floor dropping off into the fire pit, the floor before you collapsing.\n\nYou look desperately for an exit, but there is none. Finally, the floor caves in beneath you, you fall into the fire pit and become human bar-b-que.\n\nTHE END\n\n<<if $endingThree>>You have already obtained this ending.<<else>><<remember $completed = $completed + 1>><<set $endingThree = true>><<endif>>\n\n<<if $completed eq 13>>\nYou have obtained all the endings! Congratulations! As a thanks for being a dedicated reader, I give you some [[Special Features]].<<else>>You have obtained <<print $completed>> of 13 endings. Want to play again? Go back to the [[start|Restart]].<<endif>>
"No deal!" you say, placing your arms emphatically across your chest.\n\n"Very well then," says K'Tån, frowning. He moves to his desk and presses a button. "What a waste of talent."\n\nPanels open in the walls and a dozen robots float out, baring large green, pulsing pistols. \n\nSuddenly, the robots start to shudder and splutter. Oil bubbles from their joints and start to scream high-pitched, metallic screams. One of them croaks a strangled word. "Jerrrrrr....yyyy".\n\nThey all explode in bursts of blue flame, metallic parts riocheting across the space. One of them hits K'Tån in the head and he is knocked unconscious.\n\nThere is then silence, and you are alone in the room only with the crackling of fried electronic circuits.\n\nJerry wakes up suddenly. "Whoa...what happened?"\n\n"No idea," you say. "But we have to get out of here now."\n\n[[Escape!|Go home]]
You can't scream, dummy! You've got duct tape over your mouth. Your muffled yells reach no one in the darkness.\n\nNo wait, not no one.\n\n"Is there somebody else there?" a weak voice in the distance says.\n\nYou hear squishing sounds and although you can hear nothing in the dark, you can sense that another human being is near you. You yell, muffled under the duct tape, until it is ripped off.\n\nA match is struck and it reveals another human being tied to a chair. It is a middle-aged, balding man in business attire. One hand is loose but the other wrist is firmly tied to the top of the chair, and the loose hand is holding a single match, which quickly burns down to his fingertips. He throws it away and everything goes dark again.\n\n"Can you untie me?" you ask desperately into the darkness. You feel the ropes around your wrists loosening, and soon the man unties your hands. Feeling around, you manage to untie your feet as well.\n\n"Now can you untie me? I've been trapped here for hours," says the voice of the balding man. "I'm behind you."\n\nYou shift around in your chair, careful not to fall off (you can't see a thing) and find the other man's bonds. You quickly untie all of the knots and you're both free.\n\n"I'm an office worker from New York," says the man, the thick accent coming to the surface. "I fell asleep at my desk and woke up here."\n\nYou're not sure if he's telling the truth.\n\nWhat do you do now?\n\n[[Believe the man's story]]\n[[Doubt the man's story]]\n\n
You bring yourself back to reality. God, what the hell was that? Some sort of hallucination? You need to figure out what the hell just happened.\n\nYou move closer to the muttering and you can make out a shape in the darkness. It's the shape of a man, fairly tall, but you see the balding head glistening in the darkness and you realise - it is Jerry, the middle-aged man from that hallucination! What does this all mean?\n\n[[Wrack your brains for information]]\n[[Approach Jerry]]
You make your way towards the long-necked humans. As you get closer, you realise that they aren't humans at all. They have green skin, long necks and the bodies of Jack Russell Terriers. They are all tapping away with their little dog paws at strange computers.\n\nYou bang on the glass, which startles them. They turn to face you, their eyes blinking in surprise.\n\n"Hey! Let me out!" you yell through the glass.\n\nThey don't appear to hear you, but they let you in anyway to their control room. You're surrounded by pipes and valves with labels in some alien text.\n\nOne of the green-skinned creatures comes up to you and gives you a headset. He motions for you to put it on. As soon as you put it on, you don't feel any different.\n\n"Hello!" the green-skinned creature in front of you says. You jump.\n\n[[Talk with him]]\n\n
You lick it. It tastes like...blood. Ugh.\n\nYou lick it again. Actually. It tastes a bit like. Raw. Meat.\n\nYou pull a chunk out of the floor and start eating it. You don't stop to think why you're eating raw meat from the floor. You just keep shoving it into your mouth. It's quite addictive actually.\n\nYou feel your mind changing. Becoming more animalistic with each bite of raw meat. What are you going to do?\n\n[[Resist it!]]\n[[Give in to the call of the wild]]
History\nCompany Chronology\nNexus Six Meat Solutions is the umbrella organization of Nexus Six's Astrochicken, Martian and Space Boar businesses. A key part of Nexus Six Meat Solutions was Excel Corporation, which began business nearly 70 years ago and grew from a Midwestern Astrochicken company to also include Martian, processed meats, case ready meats and food distribution centers.\nExcel Corporation - Key dates\n\nAlpha/8620136\nAstrochicken processor Excel Packing Company is formed in Chicago\n\nAlpha/8620141\nExcel Packing moves to Wichita\n\nAlpha/8620170\nExcel changes name to Kansas Astrochicken Industries\n\nAlpha/8620174\nKansas Astrochicken Industries and Missouri Astrochicken Packers, which was formed in Alpha/8620164, merge to form MBPXL Corporation\n\nAlpha/8620179\nNexus Six, Incorporated, acquires MBPXL Corporation\n\nAlpha/8620182 \nNexus Six renames MBPXL as Excel Corporation\nEvolution of Nexus Six Meat Solutions\nExcel was once known as America's Astrochicken Company. In the \n\nAlpha/8620180s, the company moved beyond just Astrochicken and the U.S. border.\n\nAlpha/8620182\nFood Distribution Centers: Excel opened its first food distribution center in Wichita, Kan., in Alpha/8620182. Today, known as Nexus Six Food Distribution, the business distributes fresh Astrochicken and Martian, and other products to grocers and foodservice outlets from 12 U.S. facilities. \n\nAlpha/8620186\nFurther-processed, Value-added Meats: Excel acquired Del Pero Mondon (DPM), which was based in Marysville, Calif. The further processing business took the name of Emmpak Foods when Excel acquired Milwaukee-based Emmpak in Alpha/982011.\n\nAlpha/8620187\nMartian Processing: Excel entered the Martian processing business by purchasing two facilities that were being closed - one by Hormel in Ottumwa, Iowa, and the other by Oscar Mayer in Beardstown, Ill.\n\nAlpha/8620189\nCanadian Astrochicken: After two years of construction, Nexus Six Foods Ltd. opened a Astrochicken harvesting facility near High River, Alberta.\n\nAlpha/8620191\nAustralian Astrochicken: Nexus Six Foods Australia acquired a meat processing business in Wagga Wagga, and two years later, converted it to a Astrochicken-only facility. Another facility, in Tamworth, was acquired in Alpha/8620198.\n\nAlpha/8620192\nCase-Ready Meats: Building on past efforts with case-ready meats, Excel/Nexus Six acquired a plant in Toronto and turned it into what is the longest-running of its five case-ready-only plants.\n\nAlpha/982010\nNexus Six Meat Solutions: Nexus Six created Nexus Six Meat Solutions as one of 13 business platforms. In addition to Excel, Nexus Six Meat Solutions included Caprock Cattle Feeders, a leading finisher of Astrochicken cattle, and Nexus Six Martian, a leading producer of hogs. Nexus Six entered the hog production business in Alpha/8620171 and acquired Caprock in Alpha/8620174.\n\nAlpha/982011\nSpace Boar: Nexus Six Space Boar Products was added to Nexus Six Meat Solutions. Nexus Six entered the Space Boar processing business in Alpha/8620167. It grew through the Alpha/8620198 acquisition of Plantation Foods in Waco, Tex., and the Alpha/982011 acquisition of Rocco Foods in Harrisonburg, Va. The general offices of Nexus Six Space Boar Products moved to Wichita in Alpha/982013.\n\nAlpha/982013\nTaylor Astrochicken: Nexus Six Meat Solutions created a business around Taylor Astrochicken, which was acquired in Alpha/982012. Taylor focused on processing culled dairy cattle and producing ground Astrochicken.\n\nAlpha/982014\nNexus Six Value Added Meats: Emmpak Foods, Inc., which was acquired in Alpha/982011 and based in Milwaukee, was combined with Nexus Six Space Boar Products to form Nexus Six Value Added Meats. The general offices of the Nexus Six Value Added Meats business unit is located in Wichita.\n\nFinexcor: Nexus Six announces an agreement to acquire 50 percent of the shares of Finexcor, a leading Argentine Astrochicken processor and exporter. The purchase marks Nexus Six's first investment in the Argentine Astrochicken industry.\n\nAlpha/982015\nBetter Astrochicken: Nexus Six Limited and Better Astrochicken Limited announce that the two companies have reached an agreement for Nexus Six to purchase Astrochicken processing and related assets operated by Better Astrochicken Limited, headquartered in Guelph, Ontario.\nFinexcor: Nexus Six finishes acquiring the remaining 50 percent interest in Finexcor.\n\nBack to [[Special Features]]
You keep walking towards the muttering. It becomes louder and louder until you can hear a man sobbing.\n\n"I never meant...Patricia...I never meant to upset you,"\n\nSuddenly, you find yourself becoming sleepy. Your eyes shift, and suddenly you feel...jealous. Jealous and upset.\n\n"God damn it Jerry. You said you'd leave her!" you say.\n\nJerry sits in a chair across from you, his balding head shining and his palms sweaty.\n\n"I know, but you had to give me more time!"\n\n"She called me and I told her everything." you admit.\n\nThis hurts him. He looks at you, crestfallen. He grabs his coat and gets up to leave.\n\n"Where are you going?" you ask desperately.\n\n"I need to see her, I need to explain," he mutters.\n\n[[SNAP OUT OF IT!]]
You use your superhuman power of x-ray vision to instantly see the light switch in the dark. You flick it.\n\nIndustrial floodlights come on from all directions, blinding you for a bit. When your eyes adjust to the light, you see you are in a massive warehouse. It is absolutely incredible how big this thing is. You can't see the end of it. And it's filled with...oh realise...\n\nIt's filled with meat. But not in the traditional sense with meathooks hanging from the ceiling. The meat IS the ceiling. The floor, too. And the walls. All of it spongy, dripping with blood and smelling faintly like garlic.\n\n[[Punch your way out]]
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Winter Wonderland
You and Jerry open the door to see a troop of ten green-skinned beings with long necks and bodies like Jack Russell terriers. They are holding strange guns that resemble bananas, but are quite obviously are capable of firing deadly projectiles.\n\nThey immediately fire at you. Jumping from the doorway, you both roll across the room and into the cover of a large wooden storage crate as laser fire rebounds around you. You both look at each other and know what you're going to do.\n\nYou and Jerry place your hands on the crate and furiously shove it towards the troop of green-skinned beings. Surprisingly, it slides across the floor and knocks all of them over. You and Jerry grab two of their guns and kill all of the remaining aliens, bursting into the next room.\n\nThe two of you fight your way through the 65th Klaxon Meat Packing Facility of Nexus Six and escape alive. You steal a space freighter and go off into the universe, becoming a team of fearsome space pirates for the rest of your lives. Arrr.\n\nTHE END\n\n<<if $endingThirteen>>You have already obtained this ending.<<else>><<remember $completed = $completed + 1>><<set $endingThirteen = true>><<endif>>\n\n<<if $completed eq 13>>\nYou have obtained all the endings! Congratulations! As a thanks for being a dedicated reader, I give you some [[Special Features]].<<else>>You have obtained <<print $completed>> of 13 endings. Want to play again? Go back to the [[start|Restart]].<<endif>>
"So, what's the big idea?" you ask firmly, your superhuman voice booming around the room.\n\nThe creatures appear to be confused. Then, their green-skinned faces turn to a vicious rage. They run out from behind the desks, revealing long necks and bodies like Jack Russell terriers, and they viciously maul you to death.\n\nAs it so happens, the English phrase "So, what's the big idea?" is highly phonetically similar to a highly offensive phrase in the language of these creatures. The highly offensive phrase in questions refers to their reproductive organs, their mothers and a small stripy sock.\n\nYou die anyway.\n\nTHE END\n\n<<if $endingTwo>>You have already obtained this ending.<<else>><<remember $completed = $completed + 1>><<set $endingTwo = true>><<endif>>\n\n<<if $completed eq 13>>\nYou have obtained all the endings! Congratulations! As a thanks for being a dedicated reader, I give you some [[Special Features]].<<else>>You have obtained <<print $completed>> of 13 endings. Want to play again? Go back to the [[start|Restart]].<<endif>>
You jerk violently from side to side in the chair, in the darkness, trying to loosen the knots around your wrists and legs. Nothing budges.\n\nYou try again, this time with more force than before. Your movements are so powerful that your chair tilts, teeters and crashes to the floor. However, your right leg comes loose!\n\nUnfortunately, now you are lying on your side with your cheek on something warm and squishy.\n\nWhat do you do next?\n\n[[Lick the squishy thing]]\n[[BREAK FREE!]]
When you next see him in court, Jerry is stony-faced and immovable. He doesn't show any emotion as the judge deals her verdict but when you two meet in the hallway after the proceedings he breaks down. Crying, screaming. The man is devastated. You just have to keep a stiff upper lip and not let him get to you.\n\nAfter everything is settled, the house is sold and you move far away from New York. You meet a new man, one who is kind and fit and faithful, and loves you more than ever. Sometimes, relationships need to end, and you can't keep one going when the love just isn't there.\n\nYou both live happily ever after.\n\nTHE END\n\n<<if $endingNine>>You have already obtained this ending.<<else>><<remember $completed = $completed + 1>><<set $endingNine = true>><<endif>>\n\n<<if $completed eq 13>>\nYou have obtained all the endings! Congratulations! As a thanks for being a dedicated reader, I give you some [[Special Features]].<<else>>You have obtained <<print $completed>> of 13 endings. Want to play again? Go back to the [[start|Restart]].<<endif>>
With almost superhuman effort, you pull yourself away from the raw meat and snap back to reality.\n\nWith all your meat eating you've dug a hole in the floor, revealing what appears to be a room full of black stuff below. There's a little bit of flickering light coming from somewhere in the room.\n\nWith nothing to lose, you fall towards the light. You land roughly in what appears to be...ash? You look around you and you realise - you're in a giant industrial furnace!\n\nIn the distance, behind a reinforced glass window, you can see a few...human heads? They appear to have very long necks...\n\nWhat do you do?\n\n[[Go towards the long-necked people]]\n[[Find a way out of the furnace yourself]]
The both of you run through the 65th Meat Packing Facility of Nexus Six, passing wide-eyed Klaxon scientists and robot guards, making your way further down into what you think are the bottom layers.\n\nEvnetually, you reach a large iron door. Light streams from the bottom - you're both close. You pull it open and a beautiful scene greets your face.\n\nIt is a beautiful ocean vista, red sand and blue water. In the sky, two blue suns lazily move. The wind greets you both and ruffles your hair.\n\nBut what interests you the most is the streamlined space freighter parked on the docking bay before you. And, looking in the window you realise somebody left the keys in.\n\nYou smile at Jerry. "We're going home."\n\nTHE END\n\n<<if $endingEleven>>You have already obtained this ending.<<else>><<remember $completed = $completed + 1>><<set $endingEleven = true>><<endif>>\n\n<<if $completed eq 13>>\nYou have obtained all the endings! Congratulations! As a thanks for being a dedicated reader, I give you some [[Special Features]].<<else>>You have obtained <<print $completed>> of 13 endings. Want to play again? Go back to the [[start|Restart]].<<endif>>
''A HIStRY of MEET\nby jerry, age five''\n\nmeet is good to eat\n\nmeet is red\n\nmeet comes from cows\n\nmy dady works wit meet in the big city\n\nhe gets mony wen he works\n\nhe bys meet for mummy and jerry\n\ni want to work wit meet like dady in the big city when i grow up\n\nmeet is good i lov meet\n\nTeachers' Comments:\nGreat work, Jerry! A gold star for you! - Mr Wintur\n\nBack to [[Special Features]]
Dear Reader,\n\nThank you so very, very much for reading Winter Wonderland! It was hard work and made me realise just how difficult writing a Choose-Your-Own Adventure game is. Jesus, it's hard to think of how they made The Walking Dead.\n\nAnyway, this is a special thank you for having the determination, courage and raw grit to read through EVERY ONE of the endings. I applaud you, my friend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now, for some special Author's notes:\n\n'''Jerry'''\nIt's quite obvious that there's more going on with Jerry than meets the eye. I paid careful attention so that his hidden story was consistent every time you met him, so by now you must understand his story - a troubled man, cheating on his wife. I would say this story is his much more than it's yours.\n\n'''Why is it called "Winter Wonderland"?'''\nIt was originally going to be a story where you were locked in a shed by carolers on christmas. It became something much more.\n\n'''Nexus Six'''\nWhat's the most mundane thing you can imagine that includes meat? A meat packing facility! And by now you must know why you ended up there. Secret commercial matters, hush hush.\n\nIf you enjoyed the adventure, found some bugs or just want to say hi, be sure to send me an email at, or message me on my tumblr -\n\nI'd be happy to hear from you!\n\n- Ynte Lammertsma \n\nBack to [[Special Features]]
You turn away from the green-skinned beings and walk through the ash to the darker part of the furnace, and sift through the ash. On your way there, your toe catches on a metal object in the floor and you stumble. Cursing and clutching your injured toe, you go back to the metal object.\n\nIt is a manhole! You pull it open and fresh air comes up to greet you. You jump in and suddenly the gravity shifts, and you're climbing out.\n\nThe twin blue suns of Nexus Six meet you and the blue light streams onto your face. You look back at the building you have come out of, which is a huge concrete monolith stretching downwards into the shifting sands of a beach.\n\nYou turn to your left and immediately see what appears to be a docking bay, with a large streamlined space ship parked on it. You run up to it and investigate it, and it seems somebody's left the keys in it.\n\nYou park yourself in the cockpit, turn the keys and take off. You're going home.\n\nTHE END\n\n<<if $endingSeven>>You have already obtained this ending.<<else>><<remember $completed = $completed + 1>><<set $endingSeven = true>><<endif>>\n\n<<if $completed eq 13>>\nYou have obtained all the endings! Congratulations! As a thanks for being a dedicated reader, I give you some [[Special Features]].<<else>>You have obtained <<print $completed>> of 13 endings. Want to play again? Go back to the [[start|Restart]].<<endif>>
You go down on one knee and press two fingers of each hand on your forehead, opening up the channels for psychic energy to flow. You can feel the immmense power of a psychic begin to build within you. Dad and Mum would be so proud.\n\nThe robot raises his cattle prod-like baton. "PREPARE FOR CLEANSING," it chants in a electrionic monotone.\n\nYou stand up, pull your four fingers from your forehead and point them at the robot. Your psychic energy is unleashed! The raw power surges towards the robot and hits it in its robotic chest. It stops in its tracks.\n\nThe robot begins to shake. Parts of metal begin to fall off, plates and digits and large chunks and panels and wires, until finally the robot is nothing more than a pile of spare parts lying on a floor which looks suspiciously made of meat.\n\nNow, using your psychic powers and now infinite knowledge, you re-assemble the pieces together in a different order. Bending metal and wires with your telekinesis, you soon create a small archway. You click your fingers and it snaps on, crackling with green energy. A portal.\n\nTaking a deep breath, you step through it. You're going home.\n\nTHE END\n\n<<if $endingEight>>You have already obtained this ending.<<else>><<remember $completed = $completed + 1>><<set $endingEight = true>><<endif>>\n\n<<if $completed eq 13>>\nYou have obtained all the endings! Congratulations! As a thanks for being a dedicated reader, I give you some [[Special Features]].<<else>>You have obtained <<print $completed>> of 13 endings. Want to play again? Go back to the [[start|Restart]].<<endif>>
You pull the toffee out of your sweatpants, but suddenly realise you have no way of bringing it up to your mouth. You decide you're going to attempt to throw it and catch it in your mouth.\n\nYou psych yourself up. You are now Michael Jordan.\n\n[[Be Michael Jordan]]
"I believe you," you say. You decide to trust this man, whoever he may be.\n\nUsing his box of matches, you make your way through the warehouse. Through conversation you discover that his name is Jerry and he works as a consultant at a meat packing firm.\n\nYou both quickly, to your horror discover that the walls, floor and ceiling are made of meat. On closer inspection, it seems to be some sort of artificial meat without any bones, or some sort or incredibly processed meat. Jerry identified it as similar to what his meat packing firm produces, but it was neither chicken, beef, lamb, was no recognisable form of meat.\n\nEventually, the two of you come to a large iron door in the meaty wall. You both decide to open it and are confronted by a terrible adversary!\n\n[[Confront terrible adversary]]\n[[Run away]]
Check out some special features here!\n\n[[The Carnenomicon of Nexus Six]]\n[[a histry of meet by jerry, age five]]\n[[A message from the Author]]
"Yes, K'Tån," you say. "I will join you as your CEO."\n\n"Excellent," K'Tån cackles. "Welcome to the company."\n\nHis dog body offers you a paw. You take it and shake. K'Tån's tail wags maliciously.\n\nFor the next few years you serve under K'Tån as his apprentice, and the future CEO of the Klaxon Meat Industry. When your time comes and the old being dies, you take his place and rule with an iron fist.\n\nYour business sense is ruthless, expanding to all four galactic quadrants and crushing the competition with an iron fist. Jerry, against his will, serves as your official consultant. You do not care how much he begs to go home. You have a company to run.\n\nThe years pass and your influence grows. The Klaxon Meat Empire extends past galactic limits. You eventually reclaim your old planet of Earth, subjugating its people with no remorse, and finally when its beef resources are used up, obliterating it.\n\nAnd you don't feel a thing.\n\nTHE END\n\n<<if $endingTwelve>>You have already obtained this ending.<<else>><<remember $completed = $completed + 1>><<set $endingTwelve = true>><<endif>>\n\n<<if $completed eq 13>>\nYou have obtained all the endings! Congratulations! As a thanks for being a dedicated reader, I give you some [[Special Features]].<<else>>You have obtained <<print $completed>> of 13 endings. Want to play again? Go back to the [[start|Restart]].<<endif>>
The toffee lands expertly in your mouth and you chow down happily. Suddenly, a burst of energy surges through you and you feel incredible power. Grandma's certainly got some potent secret ingredient in this stuff.\n\nWith all your strength, you tear through the ropes holding you and rise up, your booted feet sinking into something warm and squishy.\n\nWhat do you do with your new found powers?\n\n[[Find the light switch]]\n[[Investigate the floor]]
The green-skinned being comes out from behind the desk, revealing the body of a Jack Russell terrier on the other end of its long neck. It walks up to you.\n\n"My name is K'Tån, CEO of the Klaxon Meat Industry of Nexus Six. We produce the finest meat in our galactic quadrant. In fact, it is our only export."\n\nHe sits down on the floor in front of you, but only his dog half sits on its behind. His extremely long neck coils down and his head rests in the middle of it.\n\n"Here is my problem. I am an old Klaxon of three hundred solar cycles and I have no progeny to carry on for me. Therefore, I have been searching for an heir. You have been chosen out of millions of potential heirs in the universe because you have demonstrated every quality needed to fulfill this position. Most importantly, a lust for some meaty action."\n\nYou wince again at the bad innuendo, but you realise that what he says is true. You've always been a big meat eater. When you were growing up in the traveling circus with your parents, you refused their veggie patties all the time, and your grandmother says that you eat more meat than anybody she's ever seen.\n\n"I understand that," you say begrudgingly, "But why did you bring poor Jerry into this?"\n\n"Every good leader needs a consultant, and Jerry has been selected out of millions to be yours. He has suitable experience with big meat."\n\n"And you just abducted us?"\n\n"I'm rich. I can do whatever I want. Besides, what the company's board of directors don't know can't hurt them."\n\nBeing an ultra-rich CEO sounds great, but your conscience tells you not to let this rich guy get his way. What do you want to do?\n\n[[Join the dark side]]\n[[Resist the temptation]]\n\n
You are now Michael Jordan.\n\nIt's one minute to the finish. The Chicago Bulls are behind the Milwaukee Bucks by 3 points. The Bulls only need one killer shot and this game's in the bag.\n\nThe ball is passed to you by your teammate and you start coming down the court, dribbling the entire way. The Bucks' defenders come up to you but you dodge them expertly.\n\n10 seconds to win it. You break into a sprint, and with one almighty leap you ascend into the air.\n\nYou are soaring. Flying. There is not one star in heaven you can't reach.\n\nAnd you...\n\n[[SLAM DUNK IT]]
You exert every last human ounce of effort and manage to break your wrists free of the ties that bind you. You quickly untie yourself, and begin slowly feeling your way through the completely dark room.\n\nYou hear a faint muttering somewhere near you. Could another person be in your plight? They do say two heads are better than one, so [[you decide to investigate.|Investigate the muttering]]\n\n
"Hello? Jerry?" you ask, edging closer to him. Maybe he will know how to escape.\n\nThe man stirs, and you can see him turn to face you. "Who's there?" he asks. You can hear the worry in his voice.\n\n"I'm a friend," you say. "Do you need any help?"\n\n"Thank god, another human voice. I've been tied to this chair for hours. I've managed to get one hand undone but I can't reach anything else. Help me!"\n\nYou run over to him. Fumbling in the darkness, you manage to undo the ropes that surround him. He fishes in his pockets and immediately grabs out a box of matches, and lights one. You can see clearly he's wearing a white business shirt and trousers.\n\n[[Question Jerry]]
A roughly humanoid figure stands before you, with a flashlight beaming out from its head. Something's wrong though - the arms and legs are all metallic. It is a robot! Its voice recites in a metallic monotone:\n\n"TARGET HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED. PREPARE FOR CAPTURE."\n\nYou feel a searing pain in your side and fall to the floor, Jerry does too. You slowly lose consciousness....\n\nWhen you wake up, you're lying on some sort of fancy purple carpet. Jerry is unconscious next to you, drooling onto the floor. Uneasily, you rise to your feet and look around you. You're in some sort of executive room. You can tell by the pillars of marble that surround you. In the centre of the room is a circular desk with strange displays and lights, and a green-skinned being with an extremely long neck sitting in the centre.\n\n"Ah, you're awake. Good. I suppose you're wondering why you're here."\n\n[[Continue|The Corporate Scheme]]\n\n
You can only reach the back pocket of your sweatpants from where your hands are. By feeling around, you find...\n\n1x Grandma's Toffee\n1x Tissue\n1x Frozen Minnow (the fish)\n1x "The Minnow" Gilligan's Island Trading Card.\n\nYou don't know how any of this can help you.\n\n[[Call for help]]\n[[Eat the toffee]]
"Well, I bet your MOM couldn't cook a steak!"\n\nEverybody stops their work. They all turn to you. Somebody says "Oh no he didn't."\n\nL'KØk's expression turns to anger. "You wanna fight? Huh?"\n\n"Yeah!" you say. You raise your fists, ready to punch him up. L'KØk stands on his hind legs, coils his neck close to his body and hisses.\n\nThe first punch is thrown by him. He knocks you backwards into the furnace, your face thudding into a pile of ashes. His next blow, you dodge, and deal him a whopping uppercut which knocks his neck backwards.\n\nHe comes back with a right hook but you duck and kick him in his alien gonads. He stumbles back, howling in back, and you wind up and punch him in the chest.\n\nHe stumbles back into the control room, but closes the door. You see him run around to the controls and pull a lever.\n\nThe flames of the furnace turn on. The fire engulfs you. But you do not scream. You stand proud. You have defended humanity and given your life for your planet. \n\nTHE END\n\n<<if $endingFive>>You have already obtained this ending.<<else>><<remember $completed = $completed + 1>><<set $endingFive = true>><<endif>>\n\n<<if $completed eq 13>>\nYou have obtained all the endings! Congratulations! As a thanks for being a dedicated reader, I give you some [[Special Features]].<<else>>You have obtained <<print $completed>> of 13 endings. Want to play again? Go back to the [[start|Restart]].<<endif>>
"What is this?" you ask, pointing to the headset.\n\n"This is a translation device," says the creature that gave you it. "My name is L'KØk and I am a Klaxon. You are on Nexus Six, the homeworld of my people."\n\n"Where am I right now?" you ask.\n\n"You are in the 65th Meat Packing Facility of Nexus Six. Artificial meat is our only export, but we do it dang well."\n\n"Okay," you say, a little confused. "How did I get here then?"\n\n"To be honest, I'm not sure. We received a notification that some sort of entity was in Warehouse Eight, but we disregarded it. There's no physical way for anything to get into our Warehouses, they are watertight, airtight and lifetight."\n\n"I was tied to a chair!"\n\n"No clue, sorry. Where are you from?"\n\n"Planet Earth."\n\n"Jeez. Those bozos? They couldn't cook a steak if it grew legs and jumped into the fire for them!"\n\n[[Viciously defend humanity's barbequing skills]]
"I don't think you're telling the truth," you say, suspicious of the man and his intentions.\n\n"Wha-what?" stutters the man. "Why not?"\n\n"I don't remember anything of what happened before. But you do. And you ended up in the same place as me, so you must be lying!"\n\n"That's stupid," says the man. "What are you trying to pull on me, some sort of weird logic trick? I'm telling the truth! Why would I lie about this sort of thing?"\n\nYou've had enough.\n\n"Listen Jerry, that's it. That's the last straw. I'm filing for divorce."\n\n"Come on!" says Jerry. He brings a hand up to his balding forehead. "It was just a few innocent texts. I never cheated on you with Patricia, honest!"\n\n"You're a liar, Jerry," you say. You put your keys on the kitchen bench and cross your arms. "I have proof. Patricia told me everything."\n\nJerry's face clouds with worry, then anger, then sorrow. He puts his face in his hands and begins to sob.\n\n"Please, give me another chance," he chokes, tears streaming from his face. "I can change!"\n\n"Get out," you whisper through clenched teeth. "Get out of my house and get out of my life. You'll get a call from my lawyer in the morning."\n\nJerry is shocked. He doesn't speak. He picks up his briefcase and leaves the kitchen. You stand there, arms still crossed until you hear his car screech out of the driveway. A fleeting thought crosses your mind. Should you go after him and apologise? Or should you stay rigid and go through with the divorce?\n\n[[Go after him]]\n[[Go through with the divorce]]\n\n
"Who are you and how did you get here?" you ask.\n\n"I'm an office worker from New York City," Jerry says. "I don't know how I got here, I can't seem to remember."\n\n"Let's start with the basics. Where do you work?"\n\n"I work in a meat packing firm as a consultant. You'd be surprised how big the meat industry is, friend. I get a lot of clients with big meat every day."\n\nYou wince at the totally unintentional innuendo. "Try and remember. Did anybody weird come in today?"\n\n"Come to think of it, there was. Tall skinny guy wearing a motorcycle helmet and a black jacket. Not an inch of skin was showing. Couldn't even see his face. Smelt funny too."\n\n"What did he smell like?"\n\n"...wet dog."\n\nSuddenly, [[a blinding light]] accosts both of you!\n
You turn around and run backwards in the darkness, until suddenly you collide with something cold (colder than everything around you) and metallic.\n\nThere are a few whirring sounds and suddenly a bright flashlight beam hits you in the eyes. You realise that the thing in front of you is a robot! Human-like in appearance with robo-arms, robo-legs and a dome-shaped head with red lights.\n\nThe robot pulls out a large rod from a holster at its side, and it begins to crackle with electrical energy. It's going to hit you with a cattle prod!\n\n[[Unleash your psychic potential]]